My New Favorite Drink? – The Boulevardier

OK… so saying this is my new favorite drink may be a bit of a stretch, especially since I’ve never even tried it. But it’s got all the makings of something I’d REALLY like. A little background here. I was going through an old computer last night cleaning off files so that I could decommission the machine. I ran across these three images from years ago. I’m glad I kept them cause as soon as I get out to the liquor store I’m going to try this. It sounds AMAZING and I can’t wait!

Bourbon, Campari, Sweet Vermouth over ice? That sounds dangerously close to my all time favorite drink the Perfect Manhattan. Sign me up!


So, I got to have my first Boulevardier the other night. Was good… not great. Will still be making one at home with some different ingredients. (via Instagram)

First Boulevardier

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