Never Forget September 11th – Together We Roll Forward

One World Trade CenterFor the last few years now I’ve made sure that I put up a post here on the site on September 11th.  I’ve talked many times about where I was on that fateful day now 12 years ago so I won’t bother going over it again other than to say it affected me greatly.  I get a bit grumpy today with the false sense of national pride I see on various social networks.  I say false because while many people are updating their profile pictures, sharing photos and videos and updating status with “Never Forget” and “Let’s Roll” they haven’t thought about the events of that day since the last time the calendar said September 11th.

Simply saying “Never Forget” isn’t enough.  You have to truly do it.  Really REMEMBER.

Remember where you were.
Remember what you were doing.
Remember who you were with.
Remember how you felt.

And then realize something.  Whether you believe the official story of what happened that day, whether you love or hate our current administration, whether you are in favor of or against military action in Syria… realize that the events of September 11th, 2001 changed your life.  Forever.

To this day, when I see someone in uniform, I stop and make a point to shake their hand and say “Thank You”.  Damn near every time I do it, I get choked up.

I’m teaching my kids to do the same thing.  Even though they really don’t know what took place on that day I want to instill in them the proper respect and reverence for those that keep us safe.

Take a moment today truly remember.  And tomorrow.  And the next day.  As I said last year, in my opinion, September 11th should be National Holiday in the United States.  I’m not sure why it isn’t.  I hope that before too long it will be.

I wanted to share a video that I ran across today.  It’s a time lapse video of the building of One World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower.  Take a moment to watch it as it’s a symbol of America.  It’s proof that no matter how down we get, we’re always willing and able to get back up.  There’s no politics, no agenda and no bullshit.  This… is… Murica.

If you haven’t yet, fly your flag today.  Ours was flying since dawn.  If you don’t have one please get one.  Take a look at that flag and realize what it stands for.  We’re in the greatest country in the world.  Don’t forget that.

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