Next Level Trolling From POTUS

I’m not going to get political here… I try to keep national politics out of my general day to day living cause I tend to believe that you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine and nothing we say is going to change the others’ mind. That said, I ran across this the other day and I have to share it, not because I necessarily like President Trump but I appreciate it on a sarcastic trolling level:

Trump Page Not Found

This is an image of the custom 404 (page not found) error on Donald Trump’s personal website

What is a Custom 404 Page?

Not to get too geeky, 404 is the error returned when a visitor attempts to access a page that doesn’t exist on a website. The two most common reasons a visitor gets a 404 error are:

  • They mistyped the Web address (URL) of the page they were trying to reach; or
  • They followed a link to a page that no longer exists on your site.

I don’t care where you stand politically, this is pretty hilarious. Talk about next level trolling from none other than POTUS. Savage.

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