No Love For The Crocs

I recently posted this picture to my Facebook page.  Now I know that Crocs aren’t “cool” by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to say I was a little bit shocked at just how much people hate these shoes.

My Crocs At The Home Depot
That’s right… I’m wearing my Crocs to the Home Depot. I am dad… Hear me roar.

Interested in the responses?  Here they are (some of them had me rolling)…

  • not cool..lmao!
  • Yuck
  • Lowes is much better
  • you shouldn’t be wearing those unless you’re mario batali or 6.
  • -5 cool points
  • I see no problem with this…
  • Fressssssshhhh!
  • Do they at least match your slacks and sweater vest?
  • Omg a preppie daddy …
  • If you are at bainbridge HD you’ll fit in …
  • Looking for those shoes that look like feet
  • Sad,sad day
  • they don’t make those for men…do they?
  • Chop!
  • That’s wrong in more ways than I can count. Next you’ll wear them with black socks and plaid shorts.

My only question is this.  When did Crocs become synonymous with “preppy”?

2 thoughts on “No Love For The Crocs

    1. @Danielle – OK… I’ll admit to the fail. What can I say… being a dad changes a man 😉 It can’t ALL be drinking during the week… can it? 😉

      Miss you lady.

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