November 2013 Tweetup Recap – Sour Patch Kids For A Friend

The November Annex Tweetup was held on Wednesday, November 13th.  Over the months (and now YEARS) we’ve had regular tweetups we’ve come to be very close friends.  (I’m talking for myself here… assuming / hoping the feeling is mutual).  I look forward to the 2nd Wednesday of the month not necessarily to go out and rage, but to see my friends that I see once a month.  It was a smaller group than normal, but we still had an incredible time. </ END SAPPY STUFF>

In attendance for the November tweetup were:

@TamarieKeehn, @PuckingGoalie@lexus1scott

Here’s just a few of the pictures that came out of the evening’s festivities:

As you know, a “Tweetup” is a “meetup” of a group of friends that met on Twitter… hence… Tweetup.  I don’t want you to think we stop tweeting when we’re together in person.  Here’s some of the 140 character gems that were generated that night.

  • En route to @AnnexBar…. Giddy.
  • @406Northlane I love that you pre-game for annex
  • We’ve arrived at Red Solo Cup… FML.
  • @lexus1scott dude… Save me. We’re at at Freebird. It’s off key AND the words are wrong.
  • WTF… @masongoodman isn’t at @AnnexBar but Miley Cyrus is still on?
  • Party in the USA has been played @masongoodman WHERE ARE YOU?!?!!
  • Overheard @AnnexBar like a BILLION times: “I didn’t play this.”
  • Now playing: Cowboy ~ Kid Rock Juke about to explode cause @HeyAmie isn’t here.
  • Don’t… Just don’t.
  • Don’t stop believing or don’t stop singing?
  • Looking at “I could never join that” ~ @lexus1scott
  • Once you go Elmo… You never go back.
  • @AnnexBar Do you have Sour Patch Kid shots? Asking for a friend
  • “I’ll be there in 5 minutes, wait in your car & we can make out” #preannexshenanigans
  • Wagon Wheel is happening @AnnexBar WE MISS YOU @HeyAmie
  • “Is he blind or is he okay” – @406Northlane
  • I meant to get a drink & I forgot #annextweetup
  • Poppin cherries like a bawse “Did you really just tweet that?” yep
  • Did I tell you how I got hit on last night at the jukebox? By a man AND a woman FML
  • Dear @AnnexBar – I smell like a burger this morning. Thx.

Tweetups are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month so mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 11th (POSTPONED) for the last AnnexTweetup of 2013!  As always, all are welcome to partake even if you’ve never joined us.  Please do… the more the merrier!!!  Come on out and meet some new friends!

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