November Tweetup Recap – Making Up For Last Month

The November #AnnexTweetup is in the books and boy did we make up for a small showing in October!  This month Christmas Ale is on special and there were a couple of `Christmas Ale newbies in the house that quickly found out just what all the hype is about.  We’ve missed Liz at our last few tweetups but she was back in the house this time around and took great care of us!

In attendance for the November Tweetup were:

@AnnexBar@406Northlane@TamarieKeehn@brad4word@masongoodman@lexus1scott@GirlFromThe216 and @bitchylibrarian.

Here’s a few… definitely not all… of the photos that came out of last night’s event:

And just in case you think the tweeting stops during these events I’m here to tell you you’re dead wrong.  Check out some of these brilliant tweets!

  • Prepare yourself @AnnexBar … This could get ugly.
  • Hello old friend… (@ Annex Bar & Grille)
  • Overheard at @AnnexBar “I caught you saying VAGINA!!!”
  • Pretty sure I just saw Burberry at @AnnexBar What the FUCK is this world coming to???
  • If I’m gonna eat your fries, it’s not gonna be from your hand. #annextweetup
  • Ladies belting out Journey! #annextweetup
  • Bitch stole our FUCKING MUSTARD!!! #annextweetup
  •  “I can’t stop petting @masongoodman”
  • “She’s a squirter!!!” #annextweetup
  • It’s like 12 degrees in this bathroom. #annextweetup
  • I’m drinking PBR. Somewhere, @winelibrarian is crying.
  • 2 words: Fry Juice
  • why are you guys tweeting to each other?  Aren’t you at the same place?
  • I love Annex
  • Someone at our table is too drunk to tweet
  • Totally real.  #verified #trememdous #wow #bigfan  Oh yeah… #goodboy
  • Someone payed $2 to skip in front of me to play Meatloaf. Let that sink in for a while.
  • Pabts Blue Ribbon: $2, Pumpkin Spice Shots: $3.50, xmas Ale $4, getting cut off from the bartender @annexbar: priceless

The last tweetup of 2012 will be held on Wednesday, December 12th at 7:00.  All are welcome.  Stop up and kick off your holiday celebration with an epic #AnnexTweetup!

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