October 2013 Tweetup Recap – Elmo Blatch In The House!

The October Annex Tweetup was held on Wednesday, October 9th.  Due to some scheduling conflicts, it’d been 2 months since we had an Annex Tweetup so it was great to “get the band back together” at The Annex for the evening.  If you’re interested in that July Tweetup you can check out the awesome here.

In attendance for the October tweetup were:

@GirlFromThe216@HeyAmie, @vodkansoda
@TamarieKeehn & @lexus1scott

Here’s just a few of the pictures that came out of the evening’s festivities:

As you know, a “Tweetup” is a “meetup” of a group of friends that met on Twitter… hence… Tweetup.  Lest ye think we stop tweeting when we’re together in person I always like to include some of the 140 character brilliance that’s generated during these events.  Here goes:

  • Totally just got a hug from a random drunk dude. Be jealous.
  • You know why I like it? Cause I get to swipe his peepee…
  • The devil look that @HeyAmie has on her face when she looks at her phone is priceless. Wish you could see it.
  • Overheard @AnnexBar “We need a pole in here. That would be outstanding.”
  • 10:18. We’ve arrived at Journey @AnnexBar #tremendous
  • Please note… I’m now Elmo Blatch. Thank you.
  • It takes a strong man to hold a woman’s purse.
  • Fuck you Elmo. Your name is John.
  • What do I do with that? Send it to me.
  • I don’t like being called a “drunk”. I prefer “aggressive recreational drinker”.
  • In Dog Beers, I’ve only had one.
  • If you’re not texting the person next to you, then you’re not me.
  • If you’re not a guy with a killer perm then you aren’t the guy rocking it hard here in the bar.
  • Elmo Blatch was here #TheAnnex
  • TRUTH!! RT What happens at The Annex, stays at The Annex.
  • OH: Dude if you don’t come you know nobody is coming #annextweetup
  • And the 1st casualty happened @AnnexBar Someone didn’t blow on a fry before #fryjuice
  • B: I love your purse Me: and I love you #annextweetup
  • OH: The longer you rub it, the harder it gets.
  • @AnnexBar Please note that @HeyAmie felt me up & @brad4word only offered a dollar

Tweetups are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month so that puts the November Tweetup on Wednesday, November 13th.  Mark your calendar and come on out for a great evening!  As always, all are welcome to partake even if you’ve never joined us before.  Come on out and meet some new friends!

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