Official WrestleMania 35 Drinking Game

WrestleMania 35 Logo 2019 SquareWrestleMania 35 will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. As of this writing I’m not sure if Pip will be joining me this year. If I had to guess at this point I’d say no. That said for the second year in a row will be my brother Mark and I (and my kids) watching the show. I don’t even think I did a Beeramid recap post for last year as it was a pretty minimal effort. I doubt we’re going to make any serious attempt at The Beeramid this year but I’ve been asked several times if we were going to put our list out this year so here it is!

Starting way back with WrestleMania 25 Drinking game in 2009, we’ve chronicled our rules here on the site. It simply tremendous to be able to look back at the times we’ve had. I can’t tell you how often I look back at stuff here on the site. Starting with the WrestleMania 28 Drinking Game, we established some rules (10) for our game that would carry over from year to year and other rules (10 ish) that would be specific to that year’s Mania.

Year Over Year Rules

  • 1 drink for a missed match outcome
    • 3 drinks if title match
    • 5 drinks if main event
  • 1 drink for foreign object
  • 3 drinks for a bloody wrestler
  • 3 drinks for (unannounced) legend appearance or a surprise return
  • 1 drink for a small package attempt
    • finish beer if it wins the match
  • 3 drinks for a face / heel turn
  • 2 drinks for a submission victory
  • 5 drinks for a double count out or double DQ
  • 1 drink for a finisher
    • 2 if opponent kicks out
  • 1 drink every time they show footage of a previous WrestleMania (not including intro montage)
  • 3 drinks for a title change

WrestleMania 35 Specific Rules

We’re still a couple of weeks out. Check back to this post from now till the opening bell of WrestleMania 35 for new rules being added.

  • 1 drink every time Becky Lynch is referred to as “The Man”
  • 2 drinks every time they refer to Becky’s injured knee
  • 1 drink every time the “Women’s Revolution” in mentioned
  • 1 drink when it is referred to as “KofiMania”.
  • 1 drink every time something is referred as ‘WrestleMania moment’
  • 1 drink every time we hear a Michael Cole-ism (Undertaker going ‘Old School’ or ‘It’s BOSS TIME!’)

 Feel free to leave a comment below with a rule for this year’s game!

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    1. Almost definitely happening.

      Though I have to ask… if he’s such a badass as the Demon and never loses… why doesn’t he ALWAYS wrestle as the Demon?

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