Official WrestleMania 40 Drinking Game

Official WrestleMania 40 Drinking Game

The Official WrestleMania 40 Drinking Game is here! WrestleMania 40 (or WrestleMania XL for the high society folks among us) will once again be a two night affair and be held on Saturday, April 6th and 7th, 2024, OUTDOORS at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Does the WWE not realize that it snows in April in Philly? Anyhow…

The Royal Rumble (full review here… spoiler alert, it was great) is behind us so it’s officially BEERAMID SEASON!!!

As I’m sitting here typing up this post I realize I don’t think I posted any recap or pictures of last year’s Mania season. Sadly, Pip wasn’t able to join us in Cleveland due to spring break family plans and I’m bummed to say that’ll be the case this year as well. That said, the last few years we’ve managed to at least jump on a Zoom call and watch the show together (at least for one of the nights). We ‘think’ we’re going to be able to pull that off once again this year.

The coveted John Cena trophy made it’s way home to CLE last year when I managed to pull out a victory. Pip was out to a STRONG lead after night one picking 6 of 7 correctly and I managed to match him with 6 of 7 correct on night two – missing only the main even which I’m still bitter about 😉

John Cena Trophy 3.29.2024

I’ve been asked by several people where our yearly drinking game is, and while I’m REALLY late I’m happy to say the it’s here!

First for a little history lesson for those not familiar… 

A tradition began… Construct a fortress to geekdom… Construct… The Beeramid.

Starting back in 2009 with the WrestleMania 25 Drinking game, we’ve chronicled our rules here on the site. With the WrestleMania 28 Drinking Game, we established some rules (10) for our game that would carry over from year to year and other rules (10 ish) that would be specific to that year’s Mania.

Year Over Year Rules

  • 1 drink for a missed match outcome
    • 3 drinks if title match
    • 5 drinks if main event
  • 1 drink for foreign object
  • 3 drinks for a bloody wrestler
  • 3 drinks for (unannounced) legend appearance or a surprise return
  • 1 drink for a small package attempt
    • finish beer if it wins the match
  • 3 drinks for a face / heel turn
  • 2 drinks for a submission victory
  • 5 drinks for a double count out or double DQ
  • 1 drink for a finisher
    • 2 if opponent kicks out
  • 1 drink every time they show footage of a previous WrestleMania (not including intro montage)
  • 3 drinks for a title change

WrestleMania 40 Drinking Game Rules

As of this writing we’re a couple of weeks out from the show. Here’s what we know at this point: WrestleMania 40 on Wikipedia. Check back to this post from now till the opening bell of WrestleMania 40 for new rules being added.

  • 1 drink every time Rock is referred to a ‘The Final Boss’
  • Finish beer if ANY reference to Vince McMahon is made (by name)
  • 1 drink if someone turns on Bailey
  • 3 drinks if a wrestler from another promotion shows up. Finish beer if it’s Dustin Rhodes.
  • 1 drink every time Pat McAfee stands on the announce table during an entrance (courtesy Chris L.)
  • 3 drinks if there’s a double cross (courtesy Larry R.)
  • 2 drinks of Damien cashes in – 2 drinks if he wins (courtesy Larry R.)
  • Finish beer if Judgement Day falls completely apart (courtesy Larry R.)

Got a rule for our WrestleMania 40 Drinking Game? Feel free to leave a comment below with a rule for this year’s game!

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