Oh You Didn’t Know?

The New Age OutlawsThe wife looked at me today and made the following statement:

“The boys are neanderthals because they’re learning from their blockhead father.”

While I certainly don’t mind the personal comparisons to Charlie Brown, I thought that was a wee bit harsh on G & C so I decided to investigate what would bring their mother to speak so ill of them.

If you’ve ever read this blog, you know by now that I’m a bit of a wrestling geek.  I don’t apologize for it… it’s been part of who I am for the better part of 3 decades now.  Also, for those longtime readers, you’ll know that as part of the WrestleMania Project I’m right around the mid teens of the event.  In any case, at WrestleMania 15 a tag team called the New Age Outlaws was pretty popular so I got to hear their theme song and it got stuck in my head.

Now this particular theme song is a bit “raunchy” and begins with the line, “Oh, you didn’t know?  Your ass better CALL somebody!!!”  Naturally, with this song stuck in my head my boys wanted to know what I was saying under my breath now and again.  I told them (leaving out the “ass” part) so they’ve been running around the house yelling (at the top of their lungs)… “Oh you didn’t know?!?!?

So now we come to today… The wife had them in the doctor’s office waiting for their flu shots.  Apparently, my two little angels were running right up to a couple of young girls in the waiting room and saying at the top of their lungs… you guessed it, “Oh you didn’t know?!?!

I love being a dad 😉

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