Ohio State / Michigan Week For A 6 Year Old

Ohio State Vs MichiganThis is Ohio State / Michigan week and even though I went to another Big Ten school (#Hoosier4Life) you simply cannot get away from it living in Cleveland.  This fact was hammered home once again this evening when G-Man ran up to me and started talking about the Ohio State / Michigan game.  Now I know that he’s familiar with the Buckeyes, but I’m pretty confidant that he’s got no idea who the Michigan Wolverines are.  No worries… he’s got plenty of time to learn.

But I digress.  The whole reason of this post is to relay a conversation that G and I had this evening which had The Wife and I rolling.

G: “Hey Dad… Did you know that if Ohio State beats Michigan this weekend they’ll be undefeated?” 

SuperDad: “Yep… that’s right.”


G: “Hey Dad… What’s “undefeated”?

And its stuff just like that why I love being a dad.

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