Parkour and Poker – Bond Is Back In “Casino Royale”

Casino Royale (2006)I’m a huge James Bond fan so the fact that it took me nearly 3 years to see this one after it came out really pains me.  Seeing as I’m so late to this review I won’t bother with plot cause there are plenty of other reviews out there.  This is essentially a reboot to the Bond series with Daniel Craig taking the lead role of 007.

This is Bond on steroids… plain and simple.  The best way I can describe it is to say that Bond has been given the “Jason Bourne” treatment.  There’s a scene early in the movie where Bond engages in some high flying parkour on a chase scene that’s absolutely amazing.  You NEED to see this flick even if it’s just for this scene.  With that being said, you REALLY need to suspend disbelief but it’s really breathtaking.

I’m a big poker player so I’ve had many people tell me that I need to see this flick strictly for the multiple poker scenes in here.  Honestly I’m not a real big fan of poker in the movies cause more often than not they get it wrong.  While the poker in here “looks” right it doesn’t quite “feel” right.  Not sure what it was that bugged me, but I can say that I wasn’t a big fan of seeing a full house, lose to a bigger full house, lose to a straight flush.  Can that happen?  Sure… but the odds are about a billion to one.

My other bitch about this one was that it was LONG.  It really did seem to go on forever.  Not that I was bored with it by any stretch, but I found myself wondering when it was going to be done.  Perhaps it was because the story itself (outside of poker) is a little convoluted.

All of the bad stuff behind… if you’re a Bond fan you definitely need to see this one.  Daniel Craig gives a great performance and Eva Green makes a damn fine “Bond Girl”.  I can’t say that this is near the top of my Bond list from an overall perspective, but if we’re taking pure action it’s surely at the top.

RANDOM NOTE: Every time I type “Bond” during this post it came out “Bong”.  That’s funny.

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