Powered On (2012) – Sarah Churman Talks Sounds Vs. Noise

Powered On was written in 2012 by Sarah Churman. I first learned of Sarah when I watched a YouTube video of her hearing for the first time.  Sarah was born with a condition where the hair in her inner ear doesn’t form.  This hair (I’ve come to find out) is what transmits the sound which allows us to hear.  Without it, Sarah was essentially deaf.

Powered On - Sarah Churman

Powered On is the amazing, true story of Sarah’s transformation from a life of silence into a new world full of sound. An advancement in technology has now made it so Sarah can hear her children’s voices, the sound of birds chirping, music, her husband’s snoring and many other noises that we take for granted.  In her book, Sarah talks about lessons she’d gained from years of being “inside herself,” the joys of new found hearing and “noise” that she now is able to tune out.

It is a deeply personal book and a quick read, but one that I’d HIGHLY recommend.  It’s really not a story just for the hearing impaired.  Its an inspirational read that everyone can get something out of.  You’ll quickly learn that Sarah is not only beautiful on the outside but she’s got an amazing spirit that makes you root for her and her family.

Powered On – Get Your Own Copy!

I picked up the Kindle version on Amazon and I can absolutely tell you that I’ll read it again.  If you want a copy you can get it here:

Powered On The SOUNDS I Choose to Hear and the NOISE I Don’t

There are quotes throughout the book ranging from Bible quotes to quotes from famous folks.  That said, my absolute favorite is one from Sarah herself.

People often say, “God will not give you more than you can handle,” but I don’t believe that’s quite right. God may give you more than you think you can handle, but He will also give you the tools to get through those tough times.  Challenges are what mold us and shape us into who we are.  I’ve never thought God gave me too much to handle; I’ve looked at it as if He’s given me a chance to become a unique person.

I’m here to tell you Sarah is certainly a beautiful and unique person.  I’m so thankful that she shared her amazing story.

I also wanted to include a few videos in my review, most importantly the one that got me interested in Sarah’s story to begin with.  It’s absolutely awesome and brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it.

This was the first YouTube video I ever saw.  At the time I didn’t realize Sarah had written a book about her experiences.

This second video is the day Sarah gets her second ear turned on.  SO cool!

The third video is a short film created by Luis Pena, Trace Sheehan and Shawn Bennet called “Sarah”

This last video is Sarah’s visit to the Ellen show that she recounts in her book.

Have you read Powered On?  Leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

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