Put Me In Coach… I’m Ready To Play

Summer is in full swing and in our household that means BASEBALL!  Both of the boys started their t-ball seasons last week which for those non-parents out there is just an awesome experience.  G had played last year, but this is the first time out for C and I’m happy to say that so far he seems to really be enjoying it.

The Boys On The Teeball Field - Put Me In Coach... I'm Ready To Play

Naturally nothing in life is easy so we weren’t thrilled to find out that both boys are playing at the same time on different fields every Tuesday evening.  This means that either both of us need to go to the games every week or we need some grandparent/uncle/aunt help along the way.  For opening week I made sure to leave work early to make sure I was there on time.  Not only did I manage to get a great snapshot of the boys standing together, I also got a couple of videos (my personal YouTube channel is here) of them in action:

Put Me In Coach…

The first game of the year for the C-man

G takes his first swings of the year

Finally I’ll leave you with this.  If you think kids playing t-ball is cute just wait until after the game.  The “high five line” is about the most precious thing you’ll ever see.  Most of the kids actually enjoy this just as much (or more) as the game!

Post Game High Five Line

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