Random Thoughts On A Friday Morning

Chief WahooIt’s been a while since I’ve done of of these posts.  I’ve got a couple of things bubbling around in the ol noggin so I figured I’d sit down and write for a while… comments always welcomed.

  • Tonight’s poker night for the Cleveland Poker League – that makes me happy.  I hope I play better than I did last game but even if I don’t it’ll still be a good night.
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  These things are here to stay people.  I tried for a long time to stay “off the grid”.  At this point I’m so on the grid that I’ve got grid marks on my ass.  Standard case of “it is what it is”.  Get used to it.
  • Amanda’s going to be gone pretty much all day on Saturday so I’ve got Daddy Duty again!!!  I’m guessing it’s won’t be nearly as interesting as last weekend but you never can tell.
  • I hope I get to a point in my career one day where I can simply cancel a meeting if I’m late for it.  That would be cool.
  • I’ve been thinking for years about getting a tattoo – I’ve always said that when the Indians win the World Series I’d get Chief Wahoo.  Doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening any time soon cause, “they’re shitty again”.  That said I think I’ve come up with a design that just might change my mind.
  • SPAM is funny.  Just about every morning I’ve got between 20 and 100 spam comments on this blog.  When will they learn?

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