Random Thoughts On A Friday Night

  • Broken Snow GlobeWhen you take medicine it should make you feel better.  The fact that I had to go BACK to the doctor fucking sucks.
  • Telling a 3 year old not to do something is essentially like saying “please do that”.
  • A snow globe has a ton of water in it.  And breaks into a zillion pieces when dropped by said 3 year old.
  • There’s nothing more frustrating than an Internet connection that’s down.
  • The fact that I get upset about a downed Internet connection is a bad thing… it means I’m too connected.
  • Weekends are great… 4 days weekends are better.
  • There’s nothing like the joy of my children’s faces when they look at Christmas lights.
  • I can’t wait to build stuff for them at Christmas time this year… it’s going to be awesome.
  • Sure as I sit here typing that last bullet… I’m going to be swearing when I’m building that stuff for the boys.
  • Because it’s Holiday weekend I’ve had 2 days off… and I’ve got 2 more coming.  That’s all kinds of awesome.

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