Rumbling Right Along Toward Mania

WrestleMania 27 LogoWe’re smack dab in the middle of the Road To WrestleMania.  Ever since the Royal Rumble in January, the WWE has kicked it into high gear getting ready for their flagship show.  I have to say that going into the Rumble I wasn’t overly optimistic about this year’s show.   With the exception of Taker/Shawn I really can’t remember much from last year’s Mania other than to say that it was better than an average Mania. (Here are my thoughts on WrestleMania 26)

As in previous years, Pip and I started out early creating our WrestleMania 27 drinking game that will help us along the way to building this year’s Beeramid.  We’ve actually laid off the last couple of weeks creating new rules partially because we already have 15 rules (remember, the list is modified up until game day) and partially because we had really no idea what matches we were going to see.  At this point we’re only a couple of weeks out and there are officially 7 matches on the card.  A card that’s shaping up nicely if I do say so myself.

  1. World Heavyweight Championship – Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio
    Rumble winner Del Rio goes after his first WWE title.  This should be a good one.  They’ve been building Del Rio up pretty hard over the last couple of weeks.  I’m guessing we’ll see Christian enter into this one somewhere alon the way.  My pick at this point is Del Rio to take the title.
  2. WWE Championship – The Miz (c) vs. John Cena
    Miz has been nothing short of AWESOME lately.  Up until Rumble I didn’t think Miz was anything more than a transitional champion.  Now I’m almost sure he’ll walk out of Mania with the title after defeating Cena.
  3. Triple H vs. The Undertaker
    Taker and Shawn stole the show for the last two years.  He’s a year older, but I’m guessing he’ll do it again this year with HHH.  The WWE’s toughest job is making it appear that “The Streak” may actually end.  Taker goes 19-0.
  4. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger)
    I’ll put this in the “who gives a shit” category, but I’m guessing it’ll be rather entertaining (especially with special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Jerry Lawler has never been on a Mania card.  I’m guessing he gets a win in his debut event.
  5. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
    Not sure what’s happened to Orton’s heat as of late.  Punk is the best heel on the show in my opinion.  This has the makings of a 5 star match in the middle of the card.  Thinking Punk should go over, but with politics backstage Orton will get the win.
  6. Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
    I always enjoy watching Rey wrestle.   I can’t stand the Cody Rhodes character so I’m very much looking forward to Rey getting a big win here.
  7. Trish Stratus, Snooki and John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler, LayCool
    Um… OK.

Oh yeah… don’t forget about the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment… The Rock will be the guest host of this year’s show.  He and John Cena have been having an epic war of words of late so you can pretty much guarantee that Rocky will be getting involved.

What about Kane, Sheaumus, Big Show, Kevin Nash/Diesel, Wade Barrett, and the rest of the Divas?  Like I said, it’s gonna be a great WrestleMania.  Thanks for stepping it up Vince!

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