Seven Days, Seven Black and White Photos

Last year one of my friends tagged me in one of these Facebook challenges where I was supposed to, for seven days, post a new black and white photo every day. The photos were to contain no people and provide no explanation. One of these photos popped up in my timeline the other day and brought back some good memories. Here they are.

Seven Days, Seven Black and White Photos. No people and no explanation. For the record, here’s the folks I tagged each day (really more for my reference than anything else): Matthew Pippenger, Natalie Lyons Mayfield, Jordan Weiss, Andrew Gordon, Peter Tellep, David Barnett and Dwayne Smith.

I’m not really sure why I enjoy these so much. Maybe it’s because Facebook is such a shitshow of people bitching at each other about politics and other such nonsense. I may just bring this back again this year.

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