Stuff I’ve Learned Recently

Baby's CribIt’s amazing the things you learn when you’re a first time dad.  Here are a few things that I’ve recently learned.  And I thought I had this whole parenting thing licked…

  1. Once a child learns that they can get out of their crib, they will do so… 3,427 times a night.
  2. Buying a new lock for said child’s door that locks them IN the room doesn’t make you a bad dad… it helps you get some sleep.
  3. Getting the child to buy into removing the crib is relatively simple… show him what a big boy he is and tell him how proud you are of him for growing up (measuring him and the crib to show him how he’s “too big” is awfully helpful too).
  4. The first night in the “big boy bed” will go pretty well once  you actually get him to sleep.
  5. Swimming lessons should not start at 9:45 AM on a Saturday morning.  Either that or we should just skip breakfast.
  6. A half hour swim lesson that starts at 9:45 AM goes REALLY quickly when you get into the water at 9:52 AM.
  7. Assembling stuff takes three times as long when your two and a half year old is helping – but I wouldn’t have it any other way cause he’s so damn happy to be helping dad.
  8. March Madness isn’t nearly as “mad” when you don’t watch any of the games.

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