‘Mad World’ 2020 Cover

Diva and Curt Smith - Mad World

In my last post I commented on how life sort of seems to give you what you need at the moment. I ran across this video just recently of Tears for Fears bassist Curt Smith and his daughter Diva singing “Mad World”. The song was originally recorded in 1982 written by Roland Orzabal and sung by Smith. This version, stripped down and much slower, was covered by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules for the film … Continue reading

Living in a Land of Confusion

As the kids say these days, it’s been about a minute since I’ve done any blogging. I could give you a bunch of excuses about how I’m so busy, how I’ve got too much going on, yada, yada, yada. And believe me… they’d all be true. But as I get older I realize that complaining about how busy I am is just sort of silly. Everyone’s busy. And no one wants to hear about it. … Continue reading

What a Message… We’re Not Gonna Take It

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry

Last week, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider released an acoustic version of one of my all time favorite songs: We’re Not Gonna Take It. This acoustic version was released to compliment Snider’s work with D.C. lawmakers to update outdated laws governing music. The song was originally released on the 1984 album titled Stay Hungry (along with a slew of other great tunes). It has come back into the mainstream as of late when Donald Trump … Continue reading

Jackopierce – Mile High – Live From Soiled Dove In Denver

Mile High - Live From Soiled Dove in Denver

A while back, I reviewed a live album by one of my favorite bands Jackopierce.  I don’t buy a ton of music these days (an album here, a song there) but when I find a band that I enjoy I pretty much get everything that’s available by them.  I absolutely LOVE live music, so when I saw that these guys were  putting out another live album I jumped at it. I bought this one directly … Continue reading

Jackopierce Live From Atlanta

Jackopierce - Live From Atlanta

For years, one of my favorite bands has been Jackopierce.  I started listening to them in high school and have been enjoying their music ever since.  For those of you that don’t know, Jackopierce is made up of Jack O’Neil and Cary Pierce.  The band was formed in 1988 while they both attended college in Dallas.  They recorded 6 albums including my favorite Live From The Americas before going their separate ways in 1998.  Pip … Continue reading