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Windstream Logo
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The Windstream / DISH Saga

I don’t know about you, but we don’t enjoy spending more money than we need to.  Recently (after yet another… read more The Windstream / DISH Saga

80's Toys
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A Bit Of My Geek Collection

In a previous post I talked about how I’d recently gone through some boxes in the basement and pulled out… read more A Bit Of My Geek Collection

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The Refrigerator Saga

Like many of you, we’ve got multiple refrigerators in our house.  We’ve got a main fridge in the kitchen and… read more The Refrigerator Saga

Christmas Tree
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Now I Know How Griswold Feels

Growing up we always had an artificial Christmas tree (my mom hated it when I called it “fake”).  Part of… read more Now I Know How Griswold Feels

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If I Had A Hammer

A jackhammer is a wonderful tool when you need to break up concrete.  It allows you to do a job… read more If I Had A Hammer

Mounds of Paperwork
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Weekend Knowledge Gains…

We’re learning all the time right?  This weekend was no different.  Here’s just a small sampling of stuff that I… read more Weekend Knowledge Gains…