The Windstream / DISH Saga

Windstream Logo

I don’t know about you, but we don’t enjoy spending more money than we need to.  Recently (after yet another rate increase notice – the 2nd this year) we finally got fed up with Time Warner and decided to make a switch.  We were paying around $150 a month for our cable and Internet service through Time Warner… and that’s without any premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, etc.)  Oh yeah, throw in another $15 a month … Continue reading

A Bit Of My Geek Collection

80's Toys

In a previous post I talked about how I’d recently gone through some boxes in the basement and pulled out some old toys, specifically my Devastator from back in the day.  That lead to a discussion on one of my favorite podcast’s Facebook page about our collections, etc.  I took this quick video to show a couple of my items and thought I’d share it here as well. It focuses on figures from the first … Continue reading

The Refrigerator Saga


Like many of you, we’ve got multiple refrigerators in our house.  We’ve got a main fridge in the kitchen and a tiny “dorm room” in there as well for additional soft drinks and fruit for the boys.  In the basement I’ve got another dorm fridge dedicated to hops and barley.  Up until a couple of weeks ago we also had a full size freezer in the basement as well as a partially working refrigerator in … Continue reading

Now I Know How Griswold Feels

Christmas Tree

Growing up we always had an artificial Christmas tree (my mom hated it when I called it “fake”).  Part of the reason we had a fake tree was dad and I were both allergic to real ones.  Each year right after Thanksgiving we’d go down in the basement and pull all the decorations out of the crawl space and within a couple of hours we’d have our home decorated for the holidays. Now that I’ve … Continue reading

If I Had A Hammer


A jackhammer is a wonderful tool when you need to break up concrete.  It allows you to do a job that otherwise would be incredibly tedious or nearly impossible.  They also are incredibly LOUD. For the last 4 (and counting) days now I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a jackhammer from when I got to work until the time I left in the evening.  There’s a restaurant going in downstairs and apparently they need … Continue reading

Weekend Knowledge Gains…

Mounds of Paperwork

We’re learning all the time right?  This weekend was no different.  Here’s just a small sampling of stuff that I either determined as truths for the first time or reaffirmed based on very specific examples… When you have no “plans” for the weekend you’ll look back on Monday morning and realize just how tiring doing “nothing” really is. A child that takes a nap every day during the week will NOT take a nap on … Continue reading