Corey’s 30th – 11 Year Rewind

Well, it’s not Thursday, but I’m going to go ahead and run this week’s entry today. Our good buddy Corey is celebrating a birthday today and I just so happened to have an album saved from his 30th birthday that had been posted on the site. It seems silly to not post that today right? With that being said, happy birthday sir! Hope you have a tremendous day! Do you have any other 406 related photos? Send … Continue reading

One Crazy Weekend

Crazy Weekend

It’s Monday after a busy weekend — time to reflect. Fun ‘n’ Stuff – A Good Start I suppose the most logical place to start would be on Friday – afternoon to be precise.  I took the afternoon off to attend the last of the G-man’s 3rd Birthday parties.  We decided to have it at Fun ‘n’ Stuff which in spite of their terrible website is a GREAT place to have a kid’s birthday party.  … Continue reading

Birthday Party Crashed By a Lumberjack


Every parent wants to give their child the best.  I live for my kids and there’s nothing better than me being able to bring a smile to their faces.  Unfortunately (for me) there are many times that I’m a bit too juvenile for my own good.  This is GREAT for connecting with the kids… not so great for ensuring that the wife and I are on the same page from a parenting perspective. I’ve said … Continue reading