Life As Floyd

Today’s Throwback Thursday spotlights our good buddy Floyd. Floyd came to IU the same time we all did and his nickname was derived from his hometown, Floyds Knobbs. I think I may have actually called him Chad once or twice ever, and I haven’t felt right about it since. He had some pretty interesting roommates through his stint on Thompson 5, but he made it through and was a part of the 406 origins. Floyd was … Continue reading

Chewie’s Crazy Days

Chewie's Crazy Days (3)

For today’s Throwback Thursday I’m pointing the spotlight directly at myself. Don’t want anyone to think that I’m posting all of this stuff of everyone else but have forgotten just what a jackass I was in college. As I’ve pointed out in the past, this gallery shows once again just how much flannel I had, how many earrings I thought were cool and how many bad decisions and poor facial hair choices I made back … Continue reading

The 406 Northlane Move Out Letter

406 Northlane Front Door

For Throwback Thursday I wanted to share something that I recovered when I was removing some stuff from the server where this site was originally hosted. This is the letter that we received the day we finally moved out of 406. Looking back at it now it’s certainly not something I’m proud of, but it definitely brings back some very vivid, and dare I say outstanding, memories. On a side note, our landlady Rachel passed … Continue reading

Channeling 406 – This Is IU

This is Indiana!

Pip sent me this video earlier today… I clicked and had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I quite literally got goose bumps.  THIS video is the essence the college experience at Indiana.  These guys (who apparently have some fame in the Hoosier state) don’t know it, but they’ve completely channeled the 406 Northlane experience. Please don’t take this to mean that life at IU was all about partying.  There was certainly (more than) a … Continue reading

Buford… The 406 Northlane Treat

Buford You're A Treat

We all did things in college that in more sane (or sober) times we’ve thought better of.  Buford had a knack of doing those things while someone else happened to be holding a camera. I can’t for the life of me remember the circumstances that led to Buford having a pound of pasta on his head, but I’m pretty damn sure it was hilarious and I’m REALLY glad that someone thought to grab a camera … Continue reading

The Essence of College

The Essence Of College

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Pic From 406 and I figured this was just the thing to “get me back in the game” so to speak.  While we’re much more mature and grown up these days (OK maybe not all of us) I ran across this picture on the hard drive and it literally made me laugh out loud. I don’t remember the exact circumstances (shocking) but seeing Buford holding his beer … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Like A Good Keg Stand Memory?

Keg Stand

Summer is behind us and fall is upon us.  College football has started and my thoughts turn once again towards Bloomington and homecoming memories.  Unfortunately I won’t be in town for homecoming this year but I will be headed back to Indy in October for a weekend of debauchery.  Absolutely can’t WAIT! I was going through some old pics and ran across this one.  As the title of the post says, who DOESN’T like a … Continue reading

Sweet Home 406

Chewie & Pip Go Home To 406

They say you can’t ever go home.  In this picture, Pip and I prove that it simply isn’t the case.  This photo was taken 5 or 6 years after we left Bloomington during one of our trips back for Homecoming.  Not sure if the residents were even home but we just had to head home and snap this picture. There never was a more perfect time than to thanks the Barenaked Ladies for their classic … Continue reading

Jackopierce Live From Atlanta

Jackopierce - Live From Atlanta

For years, one of my favorite bands has been Jackopierce.  I started listening to them in high school and have been enjoying their music ever since.  For those of you that don’t know, Jackopierce is made up of Jack O’Neil and Cary Pierce.  The band was formed in 1988 while they both attended college in Dallas.  They recorded 6 albums including my favorite Live From The Americas before going their separate ways in 1998.  Pip … Continue reading

Behold The Carnage That Was 406


College is a great time in life and weekends at college are even better.  What could be better than a college weekend?  An entire week of “weekend”.  Little 500 week in Bloomington is the culmination of the party year.  Classes are a thing of the past that week as the entire campus simply decides not to attend.  There’s too much good stuff going on. During Little 500 week, Northlane would close off it’s entryway so … Continue reading