Got Snow? Get Scammed

Got Snow Services 2016 Front

Every year as the calendar turns towards October, folks in Northeast Ohio start to say goodbye to summer and prep for fall and winter. With the cooling temperatures and shortened days come the thought of snow removal. Sadly, there are some out there that take advantage of that situation. I was hoping to not to have to write a post of this nature this year, but alas here I am. For the past few years … Continue reading

Got Snow? – 2015 Snow Removal Scam

2015 Got Snow Flyer Front

I’m back again today with a post I was hoping not to have to write this year. For the past few years I’ve been on sort of a personal crusade against a company doing business under the name of Got Snow? or Got Snow Services. Got Snow is at least the 3rd name this company has been known by.  In 2008, I was taken by this scam when they were going by the name of The Snowplow … Continue reading

2014 / 2015 Snow Removal Scam – Got Snow?

2014 Got Snow Flyer Front

The snow has returned to Northeast Ohio early this year… and sadly so have the snow plow scams.  If you live in Solon or Twinsburg, Ohio (or the surrounding areas of Aurora, Glenwillow, Bedford, Hudson, Macedonia, etc.) you may very well have run across a scam.  There is a company that is calling itself Got Snow? or Got Snow Services.  They appear to offer snow removal services for residential addresses for a very reasonable price. … Continue reading

Got Snow? Snow Removal Scam

Got Snow 2013 Flyer Front

UPATE: See this post for 2016 – 2017 information on Got Snow Services We’re coming up on the winter season in northeast Ohio and that means one thing… snow.  Sadly, it also means scammers are out in full force looking to take advantage of you.  If you live in Solon or Twinsburg, Ohio (or the surrounding areas of Aurora, Glenwillow, Bedford, Hudson, Macedonia, etc.) you may very well have run across a scam.  There is … Continue reading

My Commercial Series Char-Broil Grill

Control Knob Removed - Flames

I’m a HUGE fan of grilling.  I opened my grill the other day and unfortunately I found that much of the inside of my grill was rusted out.  This seemed strange to me, but after talking with the folks at Char-Broil it turns out that even though it’s “stainless steel” these grills WILL rust.  And it’s not just Char-Broil.  After doing some research it’s basically all stainless steel with the exception of surgical grade steel … Continue reading

AirTran Airways Overbooking Fail At Akron Canton Airport

AirTran Plane

As I said in a previous post I had a couple of things happen recently that were less then stellar from a customer service perspective.  Unfortunately this one took place at my favorite airport in the world Akron Canton (CAK).  Thankfully, it had really nothing to do with the airport, and everything to do with poor customer service from AirTran Airways. The family and I recently went on what has become our yearly trip to Naples, … Continue reading

Dear Best Buy… This Is Why You’re Failing

Best Buy Customer Service Fail

Unfortunately, this is going to be the first in a series of rants that will be coming to 406.  I’ve had a few unfortunate experiences recently that I simply have to get off my chest.  In today’s day of social media, blogs, etc. this is, in my humble opinion, by far the best way to deal with poor service.  Please note that I’m not always bitter… I try very hard to also share GOOD experiences … Continue reading

A Surprising But Welcome Email – AMC Is Back On Dish!!!

DISH Customers - AMC Is Back

I received an email yesterday afternoon that shocked the hell out of me.  In fact, when I first read the headline I thought it may have been a prank: “DISH Customers: AMC Is Back!” I immediately did some Googling and sure enough found out that the legal battle between DISH Network and Cablevision which had caused AMC to be removed from my channel lineup had in fact been settled!  So I’m getting back one of … Continue reading

The Dish & AMC Battle

AMC Networks Logo

In case you haven’t heard, cable station AMC and cable provider DISH are in a bitter battle these days.  Naturally, there are two sides to any story.  Here’s the “real story” according to AMC from their site THE REAL REASON DISH IS DROPPING AMC NETWORKS… In a ruling filed on Thursday, April 26, 2012, the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court denied DISH’s application to further appeal a prior trial court decision … Continue reading