Tomorrowland – Disney’s Summer Flop

Tommorowland (2015)

After some great effort, I believe with this writing I’ll be caught up on Movie Reviews for flicks I’ve seen in the theaters. That’s pretty sad (though honestly par for the course) when you consider I only saw two films in the theater this summer. But I digress. I saw Tomorrowland way back in June when G took a bunch of his friends to the movies for his birthday party. I’m not going to bother with … Continue reading

THE Disney Pic

On The Way Out Of Disney

So Disney World has a pretty awesome thing these days called the PhotoPass.  Essentially, they give you this card that you carry around the park with you and present to the Disney photographers when they take your picture.  Then, when you get home, you can view all of the magical Disney pics that you’ve taken while you were there.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize just how cool this was (or really what it was) until we … Continue reading

When You Wish Upon A Star…

The Whole Gang In Florida

I reviewed recently the beginning of my vacation to Naples which didn’t start all that great.  So now that I’ve had a couple of days to decompress here’s the blow by blow rundown of our vacation. This is taken directly from the “couldn’t make this shit up if I tried” file… Thursday: After a long day at work I was super excited to get down to Florida and see my wife and kids.  Naturally, my … Continue reading