A Match Made In Heaven

Pip & Lauren

This post is long overdue and for that I apologize…  My bestest bud Pip went off and got himself engaged recently to a wonderful girl named Lauren.  All ball busting about getting married aside, I couldn’t be happier for both of them and was extremely honored when they asked me to be a part of the wedding.  I absolutely cannot wait to see them start their life together.  If you’re looking for proof that they’re … Continue reading

Try Some Cinnamon In Your Eye

Toy Story 3D

The last couple of weekends have been absolutely crazy so I was really looking forward to some quality family time this weekend and ability to knock some stuff off my honey do list.  I had planned on taking Friday off but due to some unforeseen circumstances that didn’t work.  Luckily it was a terrible day weather-wise so the scolding I received wasn’t TOO harsh.  (sorry again hon) Saturday started out very nicely.  We decided not … Continue reading