When You Wish Upon A Star…

The Whole Gang In Florida

I reviewed recently the beginning of my vacation to Naples which didn’t start all that great.  So now that I’ve had a couple of days to decompress here’s the blow by blow rundown of our vacation. This is taken directly from the “couldn’t make this shit up if I tried” file… Thursday: After a long day at work I was super excited to get down to Florida and see my wife and kids.  Naturally, my … Continue reading

Poop Patrol And One Big BANG


While all children are different, there is one universal truth when it comes to being a parent… you’re going to change dirty diapers.  If you think you’re going to get out of it you’re sorely mistaken.  A’s with the boys for the majority of the week on her own so when it comes to the weekend I really do try and do my best to pitch in with diaper duty (and everything else). So when … Continue reading

Are The Survivors Going Soft?

Survivor Logo

The CBS show Survivor is in its 19th season.  Even after all that time its still one of the highest rated programs on the tube and certainly is the Godfather of “reality television” as we know it today.  There have been rule changes and format changes but the general game is pretty much the same as it was when Richard Hatch won the first installment.  But I’m wondering… have the Survivors gone soft? On last … Continue reading

One Crazy Weekend

Fun 'n' Stuff

It’s Monday after a busy weekend — time to reflect. Fun ‘n’ Stuff – A Good Start I suppose the most logical place to start would be on Friday – afternoon to be precise.  I took the afternoon off to attend the last of the G-man’s 3rd Birthday parties.  We decided to have it at Fun ‘n’ Stuff which in spite of their terrible website is a GREAT place to have a kid’s birthday party.  … Continue reading