More PPVs Coming From WWE?

NXT Takeover The End Promo

There’s a lot of content for WWE fans these days. Quite frankly, there’s too much content and from the sounds of things there’s about to be even more. Way back in June of last year I wrote a post called I Missed WWE RAW This Week & I Don’t Care. In that post I pointed out how the WWE was in a stretch where there were four PPVs in a stretch of 50 days. According to … Continue reading

I Missed WWE RAW This Week & I Don’t Care


I’ll preface this by giving my professional wrestling “credentials”. I’ve been watching pro wrestling for more than 30 years. I can remember watching WWF and AWA with my grandfather when I was 6 and 7 years old. I remember a time when there were only 4 PPVs a year. Hell, I remember a time BEFORE pay per view. I remember a time when we didn’t have access to wrestling 24 hours a day 7 days … Continue reading

Jerry Springer On RAW – Another Bad Idea From WWE

Jerry Springer On RAW

I really don’t like to be a complainer.  Honestly… I don’t. I watch professional wrestling (WWE & TNA) because I enjoy the product. I hate to be one of those guys that does nothing but bitch and I always try to find the good in any story line or angle.  But this shit has to stop. The WWE apparently has woken up in the mid 90s because they’re promoting the fact that Jerry Springer… yes, … Continue reading

Is Hulk Hogan Still Relevant To Today’s Wrestling Fans?

Hulk Hogan

So… last week, Hulk Hogan announced on Twitter that he’d be attending tonight’s (Monday, August 11th) edition of Monday Night RAW to celebrate his birthday.  Twitter, Facebook and various wrestling groups I belonged to immediately started buzzing about his return, what it would mean, would the NWO reform, etc.  But it got me to thinking. I’m at the age (38) where Hulk Hogan definied professional wrestling during my formative years.  But when I think about today’s … Continue reading

Bret & Vince One More Time?

Vince McMahon

So Vince McMahon went on Monday Night Raw the other night and stated that Bret Hart would never be seen in the WWE again.  This of course means that we will DEFINITELY see Bret Hart in the WWE again and I’m thinking that will happen very soon.  Sounds to me like they’re setting up a Bret vs. Vince WrestleMania match for WrestleMania XXVI (75 days from today!!!) I have to say that I’ll be incredibly … Continue reading

Turn Back The Clock Night For Pro Wrestling Fans

Bret Hitman Hart On WWE Raw

So I’m sitting here on a Monday night doing some work and flipping through the channels.  Actually that’s not quite true.  Normally I tape WWE Raw each and every Monday and get to it throughout the week.  Tonight however was a bit different as both the WWE and TNA had programming on tonight that I wanted to watch: The Monday Night Wars were back! The TNA show started at 8:00 PM so they got an … Continue reading