I Hate People

Middle Finger

OK… so the title of this post isn’t quite true.  A more accurate title would be “I Hate People Who Can’t Or Won’t Drive The Correct Way When It Snows” but that seemed a bit on the longish side. I live in northeast Ohio.  I also happen to live in a particular spot of northeast Ohio called the “snow belt”.  If you’re not familiar with the term please allow me to explain.  Based on our … Continue reading

The Heroic Cheerio

The Heroic Cheerio

A while back, the wife and I took the kids away to an indoor water park for the weekend.  When I was packing up the car I noticed this Cheerio on the back of the truck.  We made our near two hour drive and I was unpacking the truck for the weekend, looked down and lo and behold, the Cheerio was still there! We spent two days at the water park and the boys had … Continue reading

When Is This Going To End???

Will Prostitute For Food

I tell you what… I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty positive person.  I know that the economy sucks donkey balls and it’s been pretty shitty for a while now but JESUS.  When is this going to get better?!?!?!  I get Crain’s Cleveland Business magazine/newspaper which is a great resource for those in C-Town.  With my subscription comes a subscription to their daily email alerts with headlines from around the area.  Today there were … Continue reading