Circumcision By Toilet Seat

Shark Toilet Seat

Attention guys: this is going to hurt just to read it… you’ve been warned. I just got back from our yearly trip to Naples, Florida (more on that to come).  I was delayed getting out of Cleveland so I didn’t get in to Naples until around 2:15 AM on Wednesday (huge thanks to my father-in-law for picking me up).  Obviously the boys were sleeping so I didn’t get to see them that night.  The next … Continue reading

The Cuteness That Is Children

Ralphie In The Sun

A couple of days before Christmas our dog Ralphie had some pretty serious back surgery.  His entire back had to be shaved and he had an incision about 6 inches long running down his spine.  Luckily he’s recovering nicely but it’s been a long road back for sure.  We’ve got to carry him up and down all the steps, make sure he doesn’t jump up or down furniture, etc.  Of course this is a colossal … Continue reading