Ladies Watch Out, The G-Man’s Got Game

G Pimpin (1)

In a previous post, I relayed a story about how G was turning into quite the little pimp.  I’m here a couple of months later to let you know that he’s not slowed down at all… in fact he’s upped his game.  BIG TIME. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been a couple of examples of G showing his pimp hand but there were two in particular that stand out.  First are from … Continue reading

Pimpin Ain’t Easy… Or Is It?


So I’m cutting the grass tonight and naturally I’ve got lots of help from the boys.  G & C were out there loving it and working hard.  The girls next door came over to keep them company on the swing set and I continued to cut.  I told G that he needed to stay where I could see him so naturally every time I looked up he was headed around the corner to the front … Continue reading