Gun Violence Comes Home To Twinsburg

I live in Twinsburg. It’s a little town about 30 minutes east of Cleveland. It’s consistently on “Top Cities To Live In” lists and is generally an outstanding place to live. We love it. It’s home. Then last night, this happened about 4 blocks from where our home sits: A 76 year old father shoots his 55 year old son and (presumably) his wife? Then (and now I’m reading into the situation) commits suicide by … Continue reading

The $140 Left Turn

Red Light

So I’m sitting at a red light the other day chatting to the wife.  She’d just taken the boys to the eye doctors that morning and she was giving me the report (all good).  As I was sitting there I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that a cop rolled up and came to a stop.  I’m not a felon on the run from the law, so I didn’t think twice about it … Continue reading

Behold The Carnage That Was 406


College is a great time in life and weekends at college are even better.  What could be better than a college weekend?  An entire week of “weekend”.  Little 500 week in Bloomington is the culmination of the party year.  Classes are a thing of the past that week as the entire campus simply decides not to attend.  There’s too much good stuff going on. During Little 500 week, Northlane would close off it’s entryway so … Continue reading

‘Night And Day’ – The Panty Police And The Night Hawk

Night and Day (2009)

BOOK DETAILS/INFORMATION: Night And Day is the eighth Jesse Stone novel written by Robert B. Parker.  It was originally published in 2009. Preceded By: Stranger In Paradise Followed By: Split Image PLOT SUMMARY: Jesse is back at it again being Chief the only way he knows how to.  The high school principal Betsy Ingersoll takes it upon herself to be the “panty police” with her students checking to make sure that her student’s undergarments are “proper”.  … Continue reading