Top 10 From The First 5

G At Age 5

Today’s the G-man’s 5th birthday!  The kid simply doesn’t sleep these days so even though he went to bed at near 10:00 PM last night, he was up this AM at around 6:30.  I figured I’d cut him some slack this morning cause hell… it’s his birthday!  As it’s his 5th birthday, today also happens to be the anniversary of our first day as parents.  To that end, I decided to put this quick list … Continue reading

A Weekend With The Boys – Part II

The Boys

In my previous post I detailed the events of Friday and Saturday evening with my boys.  By my count Super Dad (yours truly) was behind in the scoring 2 to 4.  I’d been beaten pretty badly but I hit the ground running on Sunday morning ready for a comeback. Twitter/Facebook Update And so it begins… 9:04 AM Jun 14th from TweetDeck And we’re off. Errands… Dad’s best friend. #fb 10:34 AM Jun 14th from TwitterBerry … Continue reading

A Weekend With The Boys – Part I

My Boys

First off… This is not going to be a story about drinking with my buddies at the bar.  When I refer to “the boys” in the title here I’m actually referring to MY boys.  If you’re looking for a “drinking with the boys” story, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.  My brother is getting married in July and his bachelor party weekend is shaping up to be pretty damn cool. Amanda was in … Continue reading

Nearly Impossible Parenting Task #3,720

My Boys At The Home Depot

The weekends are awesome.  I don’t have to go to work and I get to spend time with my family.  Both my boys (especially my oldest) LOVE going to Home Depot.  They’ve got these awesome carts there that look like a NASCAR which allows both boys to “drive” around the store. So this past weekend the three of us gave Mom some alone time and we headed off to “The Depot”.  One thing that I … Continue reading

Going Green Or Going To Hell???

Recycling Logo

One of the biggest thrills in my (nearly) 3 year old’s life is helping daddy take the garbage out on Monday night.  He talks about it all week long and then gets so excited when the day comes.  We go from room to room collecting the garbage and the recycling and then make multiple trips down to the end of the driveway to take it out.  The entire time he’s laughing, smiling, waving to mom … Continue reading