Circumcision By Toilet Seat

Shark Toilet Seat

Attention guys: this is going to hurt just to read it… you’ve been warned. I just got back from our yearly trip to Naples, Florida (more on that to come).  I was delayed getting out of Cleveland so I didn’t get in to Naples until around 2:15 AM on Wednesday (huge thanks to my father-in-law for picking me up).  Obviously the boys were sleeping so I didn’t get to see them that night.  The next … Continue reading

Nearly Impossible Parenting Task #3,720

My Boys At The Home Depot

The weekends are awesome.  I don’t have to go to work and I get to spend time with my family.  Both my boys (especially my oldest) LOVE going to Home Depot.  They’ve got these awesome carts there that look like a NASCAR which allows both boys to “drive” around the store. So this past weekend the three of us gave Mom some alone time and we headed off to “The Depot”.  One thing that I … Continue reading