Beer Shots – WrestleMania 26 – 406-4-Life

406 4 Life

If you’ve ever read my stuff around springtime you know that 406 pretty much turns into a wrestling-centric website around those times. Because spring is WrestleMania season! For year now, Pip and I (and for a handful of years now my brother Marko) have been getting together on a yearly basis to do battle against the structure known simply as… The Beeramid.  This pic was snapped a few years back during our WrestleMania 26 extravaganza. … Continue reading

Better Later Than Never – The Beeramid 2010

Beeramid 2010 - Row #7 - A Beeramid Record!!!

Well Pip beat me to it on Facebook, but I simply MUST post the 2010 Beeramid photos here on 406.  As per tradition, we had our WrestleMania 26 Drinking Game that was helping us along the way in our quest.  This year however, we decided not to just take a “before” and “after” picture, but also decided to do a little pictorial.  So here, without further adieu… is Beeramid 2010! At this point, we knew … Continue reading

The Delayed Pictoral – Geekfest 2010

Beeramid Geekfest 2010

I realized this evening that there was something missing from the 406 site… 2010 Beeramid pictures!  I simply cannot believe that I let this slip.   I mean come on Chewie, you can’t post the recap and then NOT post the pics right??? I dug through my emails from Pip and my files on the hard drive and managed to find them.  I don’t have time to crop and post them all tonight, but I figured … Continue reading

Chewie’s WrestleMania 26 Recap

WrestleMania 26 Poster

WrestleMania XXVI is in the books and I have to say it was a very good offering overall.  Quite frankly this is the type of show I wish they had last year for the 25th anniversary.  It wasn’t anything mind blowing but it was a very solid event from top to bottom. Showmiz vs. Morrison & RTruth – This was a decent opener.  I didn’t really surprise me that they kept the straps on Showmiz.  … Continue reading

Game Day

WrestleMania 26 Poster

It’s almost go time here on WrestleMania Sunday!  Pip and I are giddy with optimism for the show this evening.  We took it easy last night cause we know we’ve got a long road ahead of us this evening… The Beeramid is a formidable opponent but we’re confident that once again we’ll manage to take it down.  We sat down last night and came to our final list of rules for this evening’s festivities. Pizza… … Continue reading

The WrestleMania 26 Drinking Game

WrestleMania 26 Poster

WrestleMania XXVI will take place on March 28th in Arizona.  I’m happy to say that after working through some logistical issues, Pip and I will once again renew our Beeramid tradition!  As with years past, we have created these “rules of engagement” which will help us to construct that glorious structure. The last time Pip and I got together we came dangerously close to “one night one case” and I’m thinking March 28th just may … Continue reading

Bret & Vince One More Time?

Vince McMahon

So Vince McMahon went on Monday Night Raw the other night and stated that Bret Hart would never be seen in the WWE again.  This of course means that we will DEFINITELY see Bret Hart in the WWE again and I’m thinking that will happen very soon.  Sounds to me like they’re setting up a Bret vs. Vince WrestleMania match for WrestleMania XXVI (75 days from today!!!) I have to say that I’ll be incredibly … Continue reading