Tasty Nipples

Fish MouthSo we were down at the lake the other night.  We got together to celebrate Pop’s birthday and we decided to go with a nice evening at the lake so the boys could swim.  We ordered pizza to be delivered at the lake, the weather was beautiful and life was grand.

Unfortunately before we got a chance to eat our pizza, Mother Nature screwed us just as she did the last time we were down at the lake.  The heavens opened up and we were forced once again to retreat back to the in-laws house (this time we got to be in the house rather than the garage).

However… that’s not the point of this post.  Prior to the rains coming, the boys coaxed me into the water to play with them for a few minutes.  It’s a man made lake but it’s got some small fish in it which generally swim away before you can even get a glimpse of them.  So I’m sitting in the shallow portion of the lake playing with boys and I feel something brush against my back.  I didn’t think much of it as there’s some seaweed type stuff in the lake.  No biggie.

A minute or two later I feel the same sort of thing and I realize that there may be a fish (or two) bumping into me.  Again… no biggie.  Until…


Something bit my nipple!!!  To be fair it was more of a nibble than a real bite, but it was hard enough to draw blood and startling enough to make me scream like a little girl.  It didn’t really hurt exactly, but you can rest assured that I was out of that damn water pretty quickly (with the boys in tow wondering what the hell was going on).

The wife took great pleasure in my recounting of this story.  To her credit she didn’t out and out laugh, and she managed only a, “Well, now you got some sense of what breast feeding feels like.”  Great… I can sleep easier with that knowledge now.

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