The 2013 Beeramid – WrestleMania 29

WrestleMania 29 was held on April 7th, 2013.  Pip, Mark and I once again set out to continue our tradition known simply as… The Beeramid.  As we’ve done in years prior, we’d put together a drinking game to help us on our quest and for the second year in a row Mark acted as our on site reporter (IE, the sober-ish guy) who attempted to keep track of the action.

I’ve got to say… this was a rough one.  The unfortunate reality of the situation is we’re getting older.  We don’t rebound nearly as quickly as we did in years past and waking up that next day (week) for work is becoming increasingly more difficult.  In fact, there’s been some preliminary talk of retiring the Beeramid after next year’s WrestleMania 30.  More on that later, but for not I leave you with this year’s pictorial.

The Beeramid Returns

The ‘Big Day’ iPhone App Told Me It Was Gameday!

Getting Ready - It's Almost Time

It’s Almost Time – And We’re Ready

Beeramid 2013 - Row 1

Row #1 Always Goes Down Easy – TWSS

Beeramid 2013 - Row 2

Row #2 Is About When We Realize We’re In For A Fight

Beeramid 2013 - Row 3

Row #3 Is When Shit Starts To Get Real

The Underpipper Returns

The Underpipper Returns!

It has been quite some time but this year we got a return of the Underpipper!  Not sure how much longer we’re going to have the Undertaker on a WrestleMania card but it was nice to see him with another big win this year.  The Streak is now at 21-0!

Beeramid 2013 - Row 4

Row #4 – Mark Starts To Take Control Of The Drunkards

Beeramid 2013 - Row 5

Row #5 – I’ll Take “When Is A Body Slam Not A Good Idea” For $500 Alex

Beeramid 2013 - Row 6

Row #6 – Will We Get There? It’s Just One… More… Beer

Beeramid 2013 - Row 7

Row #7 – VICTORY! Once Again… The Champs… Are HERE!!!

As I said before, there’s been initial discussion about retiring the Beeramid after next year’s WrestleMania 30.  Bottom line is Pip and I simply don’t rebound like we did.  Need some proof?  Sadly, we’ve got the photographic evidence…

Look At These Guys

Look At These Guys

However, Mark had a pretty brilliant idea on how to potentially keep things going.  He suggested that perhaps we built the first row the night before the event.  Hmm… I have to say that is rather intriguing.  That said, we’ve already said that for at least one more year the Beeramid will return in its current form… 7 rows of Miller Lite glory.  Actually, with this year being WrestleMania 29 we drank one more beer for good measure – 29th Mania = 29 beers.

The 2013 Beeramid

The 2013 Beeramid

WrestleMania 30 will be held next year on April 6th, 2014 and once again we’ll attempt to “walk that aisle” and do battle with the glorious structure.  Until then… stay tuned!

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