The Cuteness That Is Children

Ralphie In The SunA couple of days before Christmas our dog Ralphie had some pretty serious back surgery.  His entire back had to be shaved and he had an incision about 6 inches long running down his spine.  Luckily he’s recovering nicely but it’s been a long road back for sure.  We’ve got to carry him up and down all the steps, make sure he doesn’t jump up or down furniture, etc.  Of course this is a colossal pain in the ass cause those are all things he’s been able to do his entire life.

But like I said, he’s recovering nicely.  In fact, the G-man has noticed as well!  He was petting Ralph the other day and the walked over to me and said:

“Daddy… Ralphie’s crack is back together!”

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried…

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