The First Non Sudsy Beer Shot – Bushmills Irish Whiskey

I started the Beer Shots category here on the blog as my response / version of all the “foodie” blogs on the web.  I’m a huge beer fan and not just for the “Let’s go out and get hammered” aspect… I genuilly love the stuff.  In addition to beer though, I’m a HUGE whiskey fan.  So… as of this post, I figured I’m going to expand Beer Shots into all things drinking in the world of Chewie.

Ran across this pic on the hard drive and figured this was a great one to start with.  I ventured to the Annex for last year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration and they were giving out samples of Bushmills Irish Whiskey.  The regular variation of Bushmills is a little bit “bold” for my tastes for a sippin whiskey, but there are times (around St. Patrick’s Day as an example) where it’s just perfect.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey

So there you have it… the first non-beer Beer Shot.  Stay tuned… there’s a lot more where that came from.  And don’t worry… the beer will be back too!

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