The First Tweetup of 2013 – #AllTheAwesome

We’re well into 2013 and while the month on the calendar has changed there are still some constants such as Annex Tweetups!  Just as we did last year, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month we gather at the Annex and have a Tweetup!  Did you think just cause it was a new year we’d take it easy?  Nonsense!  Just as we did in December we had an absolute BLAST!

In attendance at the January tweetup were:

@AnnexBar@406Northlane@TamarieKeehn@lexus1scott@GirlFromThe216 and @vodkansoda.  You think that just cause it was a smaller group of Tweeters we took it easy?  Banish the thought.  The Annex has special “breakfast shots” this month and damn if we didn’t sample every… single… one.  Some went spelunking into the depths of the Annex, some did some chair dancing and everyone had an outstanding evening.

Here are a few of the pics that were floating around that night:

As always, I like to include some of the tweets that came out of the night just so you don’t think we stop what brought us together:

  • So good to be home… (@ Annex Bar & Grille)
  • Currently drinking alone 😉 #ImThatGuy
  • My dinner > your dinner. @ Annex Bar & Grille
  • Something really fucking funny just happened. Apparently.
  • I told you so!!! #GiveMeAnHour
  • Went to the Annex w/plans for one drink. Seven shots and a five lb hamburger later I’m set to go
  • It’s just the tip.
  • The flight just… Keeps… Getting… Bigger. TWSS.
  • Did you just Pinterest?
  • That’s like panty dropper good.

The next Tweetup will be on Wednesday, February 13th at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome and we’d love to see you.  Not only will the regular gang be there, but don’t forget about the best wait staff on the planet!  Hope to see you then!

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