The Force Awakens And My Anticipation Grows

The Force AwakensIt’s San Diego Comic Con season. Geeks have flocked from around the world to dress up, get exclusive toys and be the first to see new footage and new projects announced. Both The Walking Dead and Ash Vs. Evil Dead dropped new trailers and while Star Wars didn’t release a new trailer, they released this video which has me drooling:

And as an aside… I love the fact that they’re basically taking jabs at Lucas and the prequels with this whole thing.

“Real sets”

“Practical effects”

“That’s the way you want it to be really”

“Keeping one foot in the pre-digital world”

They might as well be saying “Fuck you George…”

And that makes me even more excited than I was before. The only footage I’ve seen from The Force Awakens has been from the couple trailers that have been released. That said, I feel fairly confident that this upcoming movie will be far better than a trilogy about trade agreements, taxation and political struggles between characters I don’t care about. 

I’ve been pretty tough on ol George Lucas over the years. He was a visionary that brought us what in my opinion is the greatest story ever told. But he lost his way. I don’t know if he got blinded by money or let his ego get the best of him but he should have quit while he was ahead and never moved forward with the prequel trilogy. I’m super excited that he’s not involved with The Force Awakens. For the first time in a long time, this Star Wars fan truly has something to look forward to.

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