The History of The Beeramid

A tradition started a few years ago…

Construct a fortress to geekdom…

Construct… The Beeramid.

Pip and I started this tradition while watching WrestleMania one year and we’ve continued it every time he’s come to visit since then.  Now, just the thought of the upcoming weekend has me giddy like a little school girl.  I simply cannot wait.  And while it’s certainly not the amount of beer that we’ve drunk in the past, you do have to keep in mind that I’m an old married guy with two kids, Pip’s in an uber-serious relationship and NEITHER of us have been in college for a decade now.  OK, now that I’ve given our “old criteria” here are a couple of pics… more to come after this year’s installment has been created.

These first two pics from from the second annual event (unfortunately photos from inaugural 2005 event are not available – not sure why).

2006 Beeramid - Construction Begins
Construction Begins
2006 Beeramid - Construction Complete
Construction Complete

The third annual event was very successful on many fronts.  Not only did we continue the tradition but Undertaker won the belt… Pip was pleased.

2007 Beeramid - UnderPipper
The UnderPipper
2007 Beeramid - Permasmiles
Amigos With Perma Smiles

Photos from the 2008 version are also unavailable.  Not sure if this is some sort of trend or if there’s some reason that Pip and I forget to take pictures.  I can assure you that this year’s installment will be documented (if we remember).  Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

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