The Jean Tag – Over Or Under?

Jean TagsLuckily I work in an office environment where jeans are acceptable work attire.  That said I wear them most days (when I don’t have a client meeting) and I had a thought cross my mind this morning – over or under?

Most of my jeans have these tags along the belt line.  Many brands give you the option of putting your belt under the tag so you can still see it.  I’ve always been one to thread the belt under but I found myself wondering if this was normal (these are the kinds of thoughts that keep me from going places).

So I’ll pose a question:  When available – over or under the tag?

2 thoughts on “The Jean Tag – Over Or Under?

  1. I say over EVERYTIME… otherwise you’re showing that you are brand conscious or even potentially worse, making sure that the brand is seen

    of course i know you & know that you are neither…

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