The Last Tweetup of 2012

The December #AnnexTweetup was held on December 12th… And for the last time in 2012 we raged way harder than we had any business raging during the week!  For those of you not familiar, we have a regular Annex Tweetup on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from about 7 until we decide we’ve had enough.  Don’t believe me?  Check out last month!  Quite frankly it’s something that I look forward to each and every month and as far as I’m concerned they will be continuing long past 2012.

In attendance for the December tweetup were:

@AnnexBar@406Northlane@TamarieKeehn@brad4word,  @lexus1scott@GirlFromThe216, @PatriciaKellogg, @LaVieBoheme73,  @CleveNole@SportStoleMyMan and making her virgin Annex trip @Englishchickoh

Once again, here’s a few… but not all… of the pictures that were floating around during and after the tweetup:

And lest ye think there are no tweets flying during their events?!?!  Humbug!!!

  • If you’re not here… You’re missing out. No filter necessary. @AnnexBar #AnnexChristmas
  • “Should I be giving her singles?” Me – “Probably wouldn’t hurt.” @AnnexBar #AnnexChristmas #annextweetup
  • My phone feels like it was dropped in a bucket of grease.  Damn you @AnnexBar
  • I may have just scored the table Santa Semen
  • Still laughing from the shenanigans from last night @AnnexBar
  • I can finally say, with confidence, that I was the last man standing @AnnexBar last night.  Bucket List… check.

Looks like the Mayans were wrong, so the next Annex Tweetup will be held on Wednesday, January 9th at 7:00.  All are welcome.  Come kick off 2013 in style!

To all of the tweet up regulars… love you guys.  Thanks for making Wednesday nights memorable.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Fantastic Festivus!!!

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