The T5 Flaming Keg Shirt

The T5 Flaming Keg ShirtA few weeks ago, I got an email from Pip’s sister letting me know that she was making him a quilt made out of t-shirts and was wondering if I had any input.  Not only did I have some input but I had what I thought was the perfect shirt to add to the mix… The T5 Flaming Keg shirt.  Back in our days in the dorm, Pip and I lived with a great group of guys in Teter-Thompson on the 5th floor.  That’s where the nicknames Chewie, Pip, Buford, Amo, Floyd and a whole slew of others come from as well as quite a few other memories that I won’t go into here.

We decided that we should make a shirt to commemorate our year on the floor and came up with this Amo-designed shirt that represented us… The Flaming Keg.  On the back was a list of the top things heard on the floor.  Many of these were inside jokes that only the residents of the floor will remember/understand and some of them are pretty clear.  Without further adieu, I give you that list.  I hope the shirt has a place of honor in the quilt Pip!

Top 15 Things Heard On Thompson 5

  1. FOK YOO!!!
  2. Well, umm, my brother…
  3. You’re up on Techmo.
  4. Cheesesticks anyone?
  5. Is Wheezie porning again?
  6. Are you making a beer run?
  7. Risk anyone?
  8. Goddamnernuttslammerhammerwhammer…
  9. Suddenly/UNREAL/Get out!!!
  10. Void the Floyd
  11. Can I bum a dip/smoke?
  12. It’s 11:30, basketball anyone?
  13. BUMOUTS!
  14. Shit’s tight man.
  15. HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. That RA had a very nice complete set of IU dinnerware. He was the envy of everyone wanting quality china on the campus. Hello Mr. Foss…how ya been?

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