The Weekend That Was WrestleMania 31

Countdown To WrestleMania 31This post is LONG overdue. Like six months late. I got back Sunday from a trip to Indianapolis to visit Pip. I hadn’t been back since 2013 when we visited HorrorHound Weekend for the first time. This past weekend we returned to HorrorHound and had a simply AMAZING time. That said, I won’t post my recap for this weekend until I’ve recounted the last time Pip was in town. So here goes…

Friday March 27th, 2015

Pip was sick as hell so it was a last minute decision if he was going to make it at all this year. He manned up big time and made his way through a nasty head cold and rolled into Cleveland in the early afternoon. We naturally headed to a bar to ease his pain from traveling. I introduced him to Great Lakes Chillwave which is amazing. I’m happy to say that he enjoyed as much as I do. So much that I took him a couple of 4-packs when I went to Indy last weekend.

Saturday March 28th, 2015

Fat Head's BreweryBusy day today. The older boys had their Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquet today which is the end of the Scouting year. Pip and I took the boys and after that headed over to the west side of Cleveland for some beer tasting. Fat Head’s Brewery was the place to be and in addition to beer we got some chicken wings.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I say “chicken wings” I’m thinking of the nice little piece that you can eat about 20 of before you get full. Apparently Fat Head’s has a different definition because when they got the we couldn’t believe our eyes. Now THESE are chicken wings. Needless to say, we had leftovers for days.

Pip At Fat Head's - Chicken Wings

After eating what seemed like 12 lbs of chicken, we headed to our next brewery stop Market Garden Brewery. There we met up with my buddy Casey. No comments please… yes, I’m leaning in a little too lovingly.

Pip & Chewie March 2015

I’m not sure if we’re losing a step but we got there and were quite frankly tired. Not tired physically, but tired of tasting beers. We powered through and managed to get another flight before calling it a day. Sort of.

Red Solos At The AnnexWe went from there to The Annex because… well… it’s the Annex. If you know me at least a little bit you know that that’s my all time favorite small town bar and I try to get there every chance I get. It doesn’t hurt that it’s right around the corner from my house.

Between having a variety of beers in our belly and the fact that we weren’t in the mood for burgers we weren’t there long. Just long enough to come up with a drinking game that that evening’s WWE HOF Ceremony. Coming up with that drinking game was fun. Watching the ceremony live was not. Pip and I agree… we won’t be doing that again. It’s just so… damn… boring.

Sunday March 29th, 2015

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Marko’s for Scarlett’s birthday party. Before we knew it, the pre-show for WrestleMania 31 was upon us and we were off to the races building the 2015 Beeramid. It was a down year but we powered through and still had a great time and I’m already looking forward to rebounding with the 2016 version.

2015 Beeramid Victory Chewie & Pip

As always seems to be the case, Monday came too damn quickly and it was time for me to head to work and for Pip to hit the road. His next trip to Cleveland (hopefully) will be for WrestleMania 32 on April 3rd, 2016. And with this post out of the way, I can get to writing my recap of an amazing weekend in Indianapolis…

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