The Woody Hayes Maker – Recipe Confirmation

I recently posted about “My New Favorite Drink – The Boulevardier“. It didn’t turn out to be the case, but I’m always on the lookout for something new, or in this case, something old.

In the Facebook discussion that ensued about the Boulevardier a good friend from college mentioned a drink from my days at IU… The Woody Hayes Maker.  There was some back and forth about what was actually in it, but most of us ‘remembering’ that it was ‘all the clears’, Soco, sweet and sour and Grenadine.

Well, I did some digging this morning and I think I’ve found the definitive answer.

Woody Hayes

This 2003 (!) article from the Indiana Daily Student talks about this illustrious drink and provides a recipe: Creative Concoctions –  Apr 30, 2003 

“The concoction consists of equal parts of vodka, gin and rum, with Southern Comfort, grenadine and sour, strained over ice.”

Dave Wilkerson (who I worked with at the Bluebird all those years ago) is quoted as saying, “He (the drink’s inventor, Dave Kubiak who I also worked with) named it the Woody Hayes Maker, after the Ohio State football coach who was kicked out of the team for striking a player. The reason for this name, he says as he laughs, is because it is a drink that is “guaranteed to hit you when you’re not looking.”

If you’re a Hoosier I’d suggest giving the full article a read as they also talk about the one and only Hairy Bear described on the menu as “Six shots of liquor mixed with fruit juices. Makes you want to climb tall buildings.” I can tell you from personal experience that that’s an accurate description.

Hairy Bear
Photo Credit: Bear’s Place on Facebook

“This powerful drink comes in a 32 oz. pitcher and is filled up with two shots of whiskey, two shots of rum and two shots of vodka, as well as cherry grenadine, sour mix, orange juice and sprite, to give it some flavor over the vast amounts of alcohol.”

And just like that I’m having flashbacks to Bloomington hangovers.

God I miss college.

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