The WrestleMania 26 Drinking Game

WrestleMania 26 PosterWrestleMania XXVI will take place on March 28th in Arizona.  I’m happy to say that after working through some logistical issues, Pip and I will once again renew our Beeramid tradition!  As with years past, we have created these “rules of engagement” which will help us to construct that glorious structure.

The last time Pip and I got together we came dangerously close to “one night one case” and I’m thinking March 28th just may be the night… time will tell.  Let’s get it on!

ED NOTE: Looking back over the photos from last year, we realized that we did in fact take down a case that night… too drunk to remember until a year later.

  1. 3 drinks when (not if) Bret puts Vince in a sharpshooter
  2. 3 drinks for every missed match outcome
  3. Slam a full beer if Undertaker loses
  4. 3 drinks for any legend cameo, 5 if they actually get involved in a match
  5. Half a beer for a successful airplane spin
  6. 3 drinks for each wrestler who bleeds
  7. 5 drinks should someone win by submission
  8. 2 drinks for every wrestler who performs their signature move
  9. 4 drinks for every wrestler who has their signature move reversed
  10. 6 drinks if “Money In The Bank” winner cashes in their title shot opportunity the same night
  11. 1 drink for outside interference.
  12. 1 drink for every mention of the previous nights HOF ceremonies
  13. Full beer if WM 27 is within driving distance of Cleveland/Indy
  14. 5 drinks if Shawn Michaels gets involved (defined as interference for either side that would directly effect the matches outcome) in the Vince/Bret match
  15. 3 drinks for any surprise run ins
  16. 2 drinks for every unsuccessful attempt from the top rope (holy crap)
  17. 3 drinks for the appearance of a midget
  18. 4 drinks if someone crawls out from under the ring

2 thoughts on “The WrestleMania 26 Drinking Game

  1. Ooooh… that’s a good one bro! Thanks! Keep em coming. We’re going to come up with a BIG list between now and the event and whittle it down to the final 25 rules so the more the merrier!

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