The WrestleMania 30 Drinking Game

WrestleMania 30 LogoWrestleMania XXX (or WrestleMania 30 for the Roman Numeral challenged) will take place on April 6th, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. For the 9th time, Pip and I (and returning for a 4th year in a row my brother Marko) will renew our feud with the most fearsome structure known to guys who pretend they’re much younger than they actually are… The Beeramid.

This will be the 6th time that we’ve chronicled our drinking games here on the site. I have to say it’s awesome to be able to look back at the drunk times we’ve had.  While I can’t speak for Pip or Mark, I can tell you that I look forward to Mania weekend all year round.  As of this writing, Pip’s already requested the time off for his trip.  Another cool thing this year is Mark has moved and he’s MUCH closer to me which is always a good thing. WOOT!

Early reports are that we’re going to see The Undertaker put his streak on the line against Brock Lesnar which I think would suck balls cause I hate Lesnar.  Other early buzz is that we may see John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt which could be interesting but I think that puts Wyatt in WAY over his head.  There’s also been rumbling of Hulk Hogan returning for one last match.  Ugh.

With the WrestleMania 28 Drinking Game, we established some rules (10) for our game that would carry over from year to year and other rules (10 ish) that would be specific to that year’s Mania.

Year Over Year Rules

  1. 1 drink for a missed match outcome / 3 drinks if title match / 5 drinks if main event
  2. 1 drink for foreign object
  3. 3 drinks for a bloody wrestler / 5 if an announcer references a “crimson mask”
  4. 3 drinks for (unannounced) legend appearance or a surprise return
  5. 1 drink for a small package attempt / finish beer if it wins the match
  6. 1 drink for each reference to the sponsored song
  7. 2 drinks for a submission victory
  8. 5 drinks for a double count out or double DQ
  9. 1 drink for a finisher / 2 if opponent kicks out / 4 if it’s reversed / Finish beer if the reversal directly leads to pin fall or submission
  10. 1 drink every time they show footage of a previous WrestleMania (not including intro montage)

WrestleMania 30 Specific Rules

  1. 6 drinks if the Ultimate Warrior gets involved/interferes in an actual match (subject to change should this be officially announced ahead of time)
  2. Half beer if a midget enters the ring
  3. Half a beer if someone who participates in their first WrestleMania walks away with a title
  4. 1 drink for every mention of the WWE Network (this may get ugly)
  5. 5 drinks if an unannounced contestant wins the Battle Royal
  6. 1 drink each time the crowd boos. 5 if it’s not for Batista.
  7. Waterfall for the duration of every “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant. (this WILL kill us…)
  8. 3 drinks if Hogan interferes in in an active match, 5 drinks is he hits the leg drop, 10 if he pins someone, finish beer and shotgun another one if he walks away with a title.
  9. 2 drinks when Michael Cole says The Undertaker is going “Old School”
  10. 7 drinks if Punk comes back unannounced (half beer if he walks away with a title)
  11. Finish beer for a character turn (face/heel, heel/face). Shotgun an additional if we get the illusive double turn (Austin/Hart WM 13)
  12. 5 drinks if Hogan gets assaulted after the Andre the Giant Battle Royal
  13. 2 drinks for a false return (ex: CM Punk’s music hits but he’s not there)
  14. 5 drinks if we get a Hogan/Warrior stare-down
  15. 3 drinks for an appearance of a McMahon other than Stephanie. Finish beer if it’s Shane.

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