The Official WrestleMania 31 Drinking Game

WrestleMania 31 LogoWrestleMania 31 will take place on March 29, 2015 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Once again this year, Pip, Mark and I will renew our feud with the most fearsome structure known to guys who pretend they’re much younger than they actually are… The Beeramid.

Starting with the WrestleMania 25 Drinking game, we’ve chronicled our drinking game rules here on the site. I have to say it’s awesome to be able to look back at the drunk times we’ve had.  While I can’t speak for Pip or Mark, I can tell you that I look forward to Mania weekend all year round.

We’ve had lots of changes since last year’s event.  Both Pip and I have moved to new houses. Wife and I welcome #3 into our family and between now and the big day both Pip and Marko will be welcoming new additions to their families as well.

The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak was broken by Brock Lesnar last year so we don’t have that to look fowrard to, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Dead Man back on the card this year. I’m sure we’ll see John Cena, Daniel Bryan and HHH on the card as well, and for the first time EVER, we’re going to see The Icon Sting in a WrestleMania event. It’s decades too late, but it’ll be cool nonetheless.

Starting with the WrestleMania 28 Drinking Game, we established some rules (10) for our game that would carry over from year to year and other rules (10 ish) that would be specific to that year’s Mania.

Year Over Year Rules

  1. 1 drink for a missed match outcome / 3 drinks if title match / 5 drinks if main event
  2. 1 drink for foreign object
  3. 3 drinks for a bloody wrestler / 5 if an announcer references a “crimson mask”
  4. 3 drinks for (unannounced) legend appearance or a surprise return
  5. 1 drink for a small package attempt / finish beer if it wins the match
  6. 3 drinks for a face / heel turn
  7. 2 drinks for a submission victory
  8. 5 drinks for a double count out or double DQ
  9. 1 drink for a finisher / 2 if opponent kicks out / 4 if it’s reversed / Finish beer if the reversal directly leads to pin fall or submission
  10. 1 drink every time they show footage of a previous WrestleMania (not including intro montage)

WrestleMania 31 Specific Rules

  1. Half beer if a midget enters the ring
  2. 3 drinks for an appearance of a McMahon other than Stephanie. Finish beer if it’s Shane.
  3. 1 drink for a RKO “out of nowhere”. Finish beer if it ends the match.
  4. 1 drink every time Michael Cole says “vintage”
  5. 5 drinks if we get a Sting/Taker staredown
  6. 5 drinks if Money in the Bank is cashed in, 10 if the title does NOT change hands
  7. 4 drinks for an unannounced Rock appearance / 8 drinks if he assists in Reigns winning the title
  8. Finish current beer, open another and finish if CM Punk appears
  9. Chug new beer if Sting appears with blonde flattop haircut
  10. 1 drink / man remaining when your choice gets eliminated from Battle Royal.

Update 3.27.2015 – Rules Finalized

As of this evening, the rules for the 2015 version of the game are completed / finalized. Thanks to eveyone who wrote in with suggestions. I’m happy to report that Pip woke up feeling better and made the trek to Cleveland so we’re in official GAME ON mode for Sunday night. Can’t wait!

UPDATE: We’ve removed / modified a year over year rule. We previously had Rule #6 that said “1 drink for each reference to the sponsored song”. That has been removed and replaced with “3 drinks for a face / heel turn“.

6 thoughts on “The Official WrestleMania 31 Drinking Game

  1. Friends and I plan on doing a variation of this except we do it with shots/a bottle. The best one I could think of:

    “Rollins successfully cashes in Money in the Bank: Finish the Bottle”

  2. When are the rules finalized guys? Also, is it possible to add a rule for a drink each time Michael Cole/ Jeri exclaims “ooh man” whenever there is a big slap or collision. It’s been ruining my enjoyment for years so might as well make something out of it.

  3. 1 drink everytime a wrestler gets their overused reference e.g. the super athlete rusev, the lunatic fringe dean ambrose, the show off etc
    1 drink everytime ‘wrestlemania moment’ is mentioned

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